Farewell Flowers


Farewell floral arrangements offer the opportunity to remember those we love through the beauty of flowers. Be it a particular flower, the scent, or just the visual comfort that flowers can bring at a time of sadness and reflection. You can rest assured in knowing that every arrangement is created with love, care and attention to detail, to capture and reflect this important occasion.

The Remember Me range of farewell flowers embraces a more natural and sustainable approach to floristry methods. This means the floral arrangements I curate are kinder to the environment and in turn, are suitable for those who wish to support a greener funeral or a woodland burial.

I have made the conscious decision to not use green floral foam in any of my funeral arrangements, I only use natural materials such as moss, vines, willow and sometimes, AgraWool.

I offer a small selection of arrangements which are very natural in design. I use garden inspired flowers and foliage, where possible from my own cutting garden, or from other local or British flower farmers. Depending on the time of year, arrangements may include flowers sourced from Dutch suppliers.

If you would like to discuss farewell flowers, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.



From £80

All open wreaths are made with moss on either a copper or a willow/wicker wreath base, depending on type of funeral.

14″ – 16″ finished from £80

16″ – 18″ finished from £110


From £ 100

14″ – 16″ posy pad

A posy pad is a circular cushion arrangement, created in the same way as an open wreath but without a hole in the centre.

14″ – 16″ finished from £100

16″ – 18″ finished from £130


From £175

4ft coffin spray

A traditional double ended spray arrangement.

3ft from £175

4ft from £235

5ft from £295


If there is a particular idea for a bespoke arrangement you would like discuss, please do get in touch as I would love to hear from you.